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What Makes A Woman Attractive?

Date Added: January 24, 2013 02:05:57 PM
Author: Andrew Adams
Category: Others
What makes a woman attractive? It’s a question that has puzzled the world for millennia, a muse for the greatest artists, philosophers and thinkers of every age. Each culture has its own relative definition of beauty, and in modern times many gender stereotypes are breaking down. There seems to be two different times of woman dominating the popular perspective of femininity however. On one side stands the gratuitous flashing of skin, pop stars baring cleavage and long legs in front of flashing cameras, singing about BDSM and sexual adventure. On the other, the graceful and classy women of society. Their hair perfect, they embody love and romance, beauty as opposed to outright sexuality. It would seem obvious to say that the former is the group that is drawing all the male attention, but it simply isn’t true. High class escorts have been becoming even more popular amongst discerning gentlemen and many of them are turning away from open, overly sexual displays of a woman's assets. Good on them. The true seductive power of women lies not in what they show, but in what they do not. The imagination is the greatest tool that a woman can play upon when she hopes to charm a man, the little flashes of delicate skin. The coy smile and the coquettish twist of the hair titillate more than the bump and grind of the crude dancefloor could ever hope. It’s a similar concept to the one used by the greatest horror films. There is only so much that can be show, after which the audience becomes desensitised. Just as the glut of slasher flicks brought about a resurgence in the psychological thriller, the abundance of PV clad women out in any town high street on a Friday night has seen the more subtle allure of beauty and grace rise resurgent. Everyone, from the singleton in her 30’s to high class escort girls, is learning that lace, a dash of lip tint and a batter of the eyelids is infinitely more attractive than squeezing themselves into the tiniest possible outfit. Fashion is recognising the change as well. Go out in some of the trendiest bars and clubs in London tonight and there will little of the corset-esque tops so popular just a few years ago. Instead velvet shorts, natural looking makeup and beautiful strappy numbers dominate the dance floor. Heels are as essential as ever but a sensible size is now preferred, although some still stagger uncertainly on towering great pillars. The new look is all about a different sort of confidence, it’s all about a girl knowing that she looks amazing. She doesn’t need to try and pimp herself out by wearing glorified lingerie as outerwear. She’s free to be pretty and sweet and delicate, to meet her partner on equal terms and shine with a newfound certainty. That’s something that no amount of fake tan and knickerless combos can ever hope to achieve. It’s the graceful splendour that high class escorts and city girls alike can revel in, as beguiling and beautiful as an English rose.
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